Day 101: Un-Common Ground – The Election and Evangelicals

July 30, 2016 Day 101: Un-Common Ground One-hundred-and-one. That’s the number of sunrises and sunsets every one of us will experience between now and Tuesday, November 8—Election Day in these United States. This election season seems to represent a remarkable clash of titanic values—or huge values, depending on which way you lean—that have culminated in […]

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Day 100: Her Story

July 31, 2016 Day 100: Her-Story If you’re just now picking this up, you might wish to read Day 101, where I introduce this series and provide context as we march inevitably toward the American general election in November. Briefly, we are now just 100 days away from the next American election, and we’re seeking […]

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Donald Trump: Populist, Pugnacious … and Remarkably Popular

In a recent report (September 4, 2015) on NPR titled “Nativism And Economic Anxiety Fuel Trump’s Populist Appeal,” Maria Liasson seeks to explain the sudden and immense popularity—against all odds—of Bernie Sanders on the Democratic side of the aisle and, of course, of Donald Trump on the Republican side of the aisle. In each case, these […]

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“War on Faith?” John Oliver and the Televangelists

A new church, Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption, was unveiled late Sunday, August 16 on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, and as a long-suffering Evangelical, I found myself cheering loudly. Jon Stewart, recently-retired as host of The Daily Show, may well find his greatest legacy is the raft of bright, insightful comics who honed their bent toward biting social commentary […]

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